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Welcome to the Inaugural Applied Biocatalysis Virtual Summit

Biocatalysis is redefining the production of complex drug molecules and chemicals. As the need to move towards green chemistry increases, adoption of biocatalysis into your chemical production can reduce industrial carbon footprints and waste products. However, there are unique challenges that must be overcome for this process to achieve its commercial potential.

Why Attend?

This meeting offers a wealth of relevant content to help you overcome your specific challenges. Join industry leaders to:

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Discuss what technologies are enabling the use of biocatalysts in industrial applications to optimize the route to integrating this reaction platform into your product pipeline

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Learn how to create an optimal enzyme design to broaden the scope and capabilities of biocatalysts

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Analyze how enzyme engineering can enhance product pipelines by improving the potency of a catalyst

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Hear how innovative bioprocessing can facilitate consecutive chemical reactions and shorten the production timeline

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Optimize synthetic routes of enzymatic manufacturing to fulfil the demands of process economics and product specification

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Learn how to scale up your biocatalyst to industrial level by optimizing biocatalysis and downstream processing for the sustainable production of your chemical

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Discuss what the future holds for biocatalysis including the key benefits in the API and chemical manufacturing industries

What to Expect From a Digital Event


Live Q&As with Speakers

8+ Hours of Content

2+ Hours of Networking

Content Available Post-Event

Our new, virtual platform will allow you to access high-quality content and networking opportunities live and direct from your home:

  • Tune into live presentations from our expert speakers, including Jacob Grose, Jake Janey and Alison Narayan
  • Engage with your peers in a facilitated speed networking session
  • Establish connections with speakers and attendees through private and public chatrooms, including video calling for 121 private conversations
  • Save each session to your personal calendar to ensure you don’t miss a particular presentation
  • Set up a personalized profile and engage with speakers and attendees with similar interests or particular areas of expertise

We will be using Hopin, an online events platform, to deliver this event digitally. Click below to take a closer look at the platform and see what you can expect on the day: