Why were our past delegates excited about attending the Applied Biocatalysis Summit?

Jake Janey

"This was not only an excellent opportunity to learn about high impact, real-world examples of biocatalysis, but also network with both academic and industrial leaders in the field. This was also a great forum to discuss where biocatalysis is heading and what challenges remain."

Jake Janey, Research Fellow, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Matt Robinson - Speaker

"The Applied Biocatalysis Summit provided a forum to discuss enzymatic processes at an industrial scale with all the key stake holders present: enzyme manufacturers, immobilization specialists, and process owners showcasing their unique applications."

Matt Robinson, Technical Leader for Downstream Processing, Biocatalysis and Oilseed Processing, Corteva Agriscience

Matt Stirling

"Presenting success stories of biocatalytic processing, especially within the manufacturing process of an API should raise awareness of the utility of this technology."

Matt Stirling, Senior Scientist, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Paul Race - Speaker

"There is an undoubted requirement in pharma to transition to a more inherently biocentric approach for API production and manufacture. In contrast to chemical catalysts, biological catalysts, are able to perform challenging chemical reactions that can rapidly build complex 3D chemical structures with multiple bonds under precise stereochemical control. In addition, enzymes can perform such reactions under ambient conditions and without any requirement for environmentally damaging reagents. For these reasons, there is significant interest in developing biocatalytic routes to current and future pharmaceuticals and similarly important molecules."

Paul Race, Reader in Biological Chemistry, University of Bristol

Ryan Phelan

"I feel as pharmaceutical manufacturing moves toward the use of biocatalyst at the intersection of protein engineering, high-throughput chemistry and synthetic biochemistry becomes increasingly intertwined. This was an opportunity to meet and discuss these topics with industry leaders and get a fresh perspective on cutting-edge research."

Ryan M. Phelan, Senior Scientist, AbbVie

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